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Last night's storm


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Wife worked late last night pulling a double shift, so I swung through on my way home to see her. They'd been predicting a big storm capable of producing a big twister for almost a week...level 4 out of 5 possibility. I wanted to be home with the kids (there with the mother-in-law) before it hit...didn't quite work out, but it wasn't too bad here. Hell, I was in the Walmart & didn't even know it had rained until I stepped outside, so I  thought we'd dodged the bullet and the weather folks had over-hyped the threat again. Got home and the news was in "weather emergency" mode...and holy crap it looked bad not all that far to the South. This "confirmed" tornado was on the ground and just wasn't going away. Mayfield (maybe an hour's drive from here...I've picked up there several times, backing a 102" flatbed into a dock made for 96" trailers, with maybe an inch or 2 on each side) was directly in its path...didn't look good.

The pictures and videos I'm seeing today are gut wrenching. If the KY Governor is right that this was on the ground for 227 miles, it's got the Tri-State Tornado (1925) beat by about 8 miles. Funny thing, THAT one tracked about 30 miles north of here. THIS one, maybe 40 or so miles to the South. Funny all the libs trying to blame climate change for this. If that were the case, explain the cause of the 1925 twister...which was similar in size, strength, and distance...and happened within 100 miles. It's happened before. It'll happen again. Thankfully THIS time we were warned almost a week out about the possibility...and warnings went out immediately at the first sign of rotation...and with all of the modern radar imaging, media outlets, etc., the death toll is much lower this time. What happeded at the candle factory is what concerns me every time the weather gets bad while the wife's at work. If a warning is issued, they lock down the store (nobody can leave) and everybody gathers in the middle of an open span building. Only place less safe to be is in a trailer park. Luckily, it missed us. I don't know where everybody else on here is, but hopefully nobody was in this thing's path.


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