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83 MH600 Mack tachometer doesn't work...looking for info

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I have an '83 MH 600 that the tach isn't working. I haven't looked into it yet, only had it home for less than 24 hours before joining this forum. Where to look first; is there a sensor on the flywheel housing like any other normal truck that drives the tach, or something else to run the tach?

Thanks in advance.


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83 may be mechanical indeed and the things would be as said in the post above. If its electrical as later MH's were the sensor is in the flywheel housing and easily seen from the outside. Similar sensor for the speedo at the tranny output flange or a cable if the speedo is mechanical.

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18 hours ago, D-Day said:

Your tachometer should be mechanical unless its been modified in some way it would be driven by a cable from the front of the engine ahead of the fuel injection pump

Ahhh...good deal D-Day. I'll start digging into it probably tomorrow. I appreciate the input!

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Another question while I'm here; If you look closely at the picture of the dash where the heater~a/c control panel is, you'll notice the fan speed switch is non-existent. Where's a good source to look for these older Mack parts, specifically a new control panel? Are they still readily available at Mack?

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