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1960 B81SX What Is It Worth?

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Well  by the photos and what I’ve seen and heard I would guess between eight and 12 Gs all depends on what you’ve done total ground up or just clean up interior exterior  tire condition air lines bolts bramble pits brake shoes air valves etc. etc. how deep did you actually go from what I hear heard antiques are skyrocketing I’m not sure about commercial trucks… cars are out of sight right now good luck Why did you buy it in the first place ha ha … bob

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2 hours ago, Mike Harbison said:

If it was mine,id start in the mid 20s,you've got a damn nice looking truck there that wouldn't take much to finish. Only thing in my opinion that hurts it is the slow gearing. 

Agree.  The gearing will hurt the initial selling price.  Most folks would need to re-gear it.  That can cost some bucks.

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