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11 minutes ago, 63BMack said:

Are you sure you don't need a B42 emblem, don't think I have ever seen a D42. Kevin All, Mike Harbison or Matt Phaff might have some. 

Oh yeah they were made, went and sat in one today!    terry:MackLogo:

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We do some 3D printing here (resin).  But, we do not have the scanning capability.  Should be companies out there that do both.  A quick Google search should show some in your area.

For a usable emblem, I would suggest the metal media (SLM, DMLS), not the resin (plastic).  The metal can be polished or maybe chromed.  The printed item can be made of varying densities, from "skeleton" to "solid".  The metal parts lend themselves well to varying densities, with skeletonized areas where possible and solid areas where needed.


"Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines."

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15 hours ago, D2Denny said:

Here is an opportunity to advance our hobby with today's technology. Anybody have knowledge or contacts in the world of imaging and additive manufacturing?   A scan of an existing D42 emblem can be digitized and 3d printed off. I need a G75 emblem for the radiator fill door of my Mack. This website would be a great place to store the files for anyone's future use in their restorations. 

Any thoughts on this????

I have a leftover B42 emblem to kick off the process if anyone is willing to try.

I've got an extra G75 emblem

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