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A local guy had his 2012 KW stolen yesterday and it occurred to me last night how easy it would be to steal these old mechanical trucks. Engines with the mechanical shutoff (where you pull the knob to shut it down), with it in the "run" position, all that needs to be done to start the truck and drive it away is to short the starter terminals with a screwdriver and off you go. Then i got thinking, maybe this is why they ran 24V starters. Without the key in the "start" position to energize the series parallel switch, you would only have 12V at the starter if you tried to sort start it and it wouldn't turn over therefore you either have to have the key or hotwire the ignition switch. Then again, my E6 is mechanical and runs a 12V starter so................hmmmmm. Now i am thinking of adding some sort of anti theft to my B61. Hidden isolator switch for the batteries?, solenoid in the fuel line?, what about a solenoid in the air line that opens with the ignition switch (or hide toggle) to allow the maxis to be released? (yes i am adding maxis). I was already planning to leave the trip-plex shift pattern plate in the truck even though it will not have a tri-plex. That might cause some grief for someone trying to figure out how drive to away. 

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A simple manual fuel shutoff somewhere along the line(under the cab) would slow them down.  By the time it would air up enough to move it would run out of fuel!


I doubt there is a large market for a stolen B model?  Parts maybe?  A late model truck, yes.

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