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VMACII E7 427 ECU .ref file


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Hello gents, aside from contacting my dealer directly, could anyone point me in the right direction of where I could get a VMACII 427 ECU file? I have all of the service hardware & software needed to install the program but I am missing the actual file itself to load into the truck. 

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My guess is, you have a mechanichle injection pump with a wire harness with a gray plug of the back of the pump?  If so, the item you are looking for is an F.I.C. module.  Fuel injection control module.... Myself....  I have never re-programmed V-MacII. I believe the F.I.C. module, if available through Volvo/Mack, will be pre-set to the engine serial #...  There are others who can clear up what I am foggy about...  if this is an E-Tech... 6 individual fuel pumps on the right side, then updates can be done at the dealer...  I have done only about 20 ECU replacements/programming...  It was linked throught the Mack Dealer Portal and V-MacIII software program....  I doubt someone other than a dealer, would have liscense to to get it done. Ok, I'll stop now,   jojo

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You would need to access vmac online and upload your vin and the engine ecu hardware number so the system (Mack mainframe) can select the software and data file for your truck. Also you would have to save the current parameters that is already loaded in the ecu (you don't really have too, you can reprogram the parameters yourself but you may loose the milage). There is a verification file that would need to be done before any programming is done. Its a step by step process. Not sure how a customer would do this process without access to Mack Volvo dealer portal. Sorry I don't have the solution for you. 




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