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AI or Etech replacement

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If someone was replacing a high hour 04 AI motor with a reman or low hour running take out, what all would have to be modified/converted to use a ETECH in place of the AI (the AI has had the BMT egr cripple modifications done)

Would the additional work be worth it? What issues other than injector fuel return would have to be tackled?

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the AC is a different E.E.C.U. ,, 3 plugs. The AI has 2, just like an E-Tech...  I would suggest keeping the wire harness that is on the AI engine, then swap  the E.E.C.U. with the engine. the plug on the top of the tranny should be the same, just look at it to be sure,, its a rectangular 16 pin plug, that should be secured on the top of the tranny, to the left side. it will be secured in a square clamp and may have zip ties holding it together.. It's easy to get to, with the floor pan around the shifter removed, ..-or- if you have a skinny guy in the shop.... squeeze his ass above the fuel tank to get it.. just air up the cab air bags...:)   jojo

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I thought i read something on BMT that something was different with the fuel systems, maybe something like the the return fuel lines or something like that. The 16 pin plug being referred to, thats the engine harness?

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