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Dipstick for 237 Mack

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I have a B81-SX with what I believe to be a 237 Maxidyne.  The engine number is 239GB5354.  The dipstick in the engine is obviously for some other engine, because it reads way Overfull when I add 32 qts oil.  Any suggestions about where I might find the correct dispstick?  If this is truly a 237 Maxidyne, I believe they came with 2 different sizes of oil pans.



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I will check the numbers on the engine next week.  Will be looking for ENDT 675, making it a Maxidyne.  I will also check the number of spin-on filters.  If there are 2, it has the smaller oil pan, which should require about 32 qts.  If it has 3, it has the larger pan and would need 56 qts. (See

Does anyone have a proper dipstick for a 237 Maxidyne they'd be willing to sell?  If all this reasoning is correct, I think it is likely that it would be the smaller pan version.

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