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  1. Many thanks for the vid; You're pretty smooth in that video; nice job. I'll be studying this. Years ago bought a VHS tape about 2-stick shifting, that got me going. Set up a couple of broomsticks in the living room, as I recall to practice. Vid was from Bill Comcowich. Can't play the tape anymore. Wouldn't mind some power steering, for sure, but the reading I did on the subject suggested that the air driven systems available as add-ons were troublesome.
  2. Many thanks for the advice. I'll practice. The key point I got from your comments was a) shift the compound up and down w/o clutch as you upshift/downshift but b) use the clutch when you have to shift the main. I'm very much enjoying driving that truck, and have huge respect for those guys who did it day in and day out. But those days are done for. I live on a farm, and there's a young man who comes around and helps us out now and then. He wants to be a truck driver, and is preparing to go off to CDL school. However, when I offer to show him how to drive my various rigs, he won't d
  3. Problem with brakes was easy to find. Apparently aliens came out and removed the line from the quick release valve to the right front brake. Reinstalled it, everything okey-dokey. Tried winding up the 237 to close to 2100 to facilitate shifts from 2 HI-3 HI-4 HI-5 HI but I didn't think the engine liked it much. Sounded like the valves were floating, or what I imagined to be floating valves. Perhaps more accurate to say that the power in the engine dropped dramatically at about 2000. In any case, I think the whole sequence worked well from 2 LO-2 DIRECT-2 HI-3 DIRECT-3 HI-4 DIRECT-4 H
  4. I think I have a helper for tomorrow, so that's Job #1.
  5. That's pretty wild. Going to have to think that one through before trying it. Maybe clear the area?
  6. Drove it around on the weekend. I was pretty happy with 2nd Direct, 2nd HI, 3 HI, 4HI, 5 HI. However, did notice a) had to use clutch on shifts; b) it was a significant jump in these 3-4-5 HI range shifts. I googled the effective range of the 237 that I have in this truck, and learned you can safely wind it up to 2100, so I believe I'll wind it up a bit more when I try this again. Also noticed that, when I put brakes on (such as at a stoplight) air pressure leaked out and tank pressure dropped from about 118 max to below 60. Truck then started sliding backwards, which was heart-stoppi
  7. That's good advice, thanks. It's time to get in the saddle and try out some of these options. This discussion has been very valuable in one particular way: I've realized that I've been spending too much time in the lower gears getting going, and maybe even splitting in the higher gears as well. Going to forget about LO-LO, and get into the higher gear shifting sequence at about 2nd HI or 3 LO, and take it from there. The nice thing about this particular quad is that it's so easy to shift the compound, at least after it's warmed up. Appreciate the advice.
  8. How about 3 (LO/DIRECT/HI), 4(LO/DIRECT/HI), then 5 HI?
  9. Many thanks for this information. I believe I get it now: 1. I lose LO-LO across 3, 4 and 5 in the main. Minus 3 gears, down to 17. 2. 5 LO is useless, since you've been there already with 4 DIRECT. Down to 16 3. 5 DIRECT redundant to 4 HI. Down to 15 4. 2 LO-LO gone as well, so down to 14 effective gears. Conclusion: 1. Forget about LO-LO unless loaded; 2. Unloaded , option 1: 2(LO/DIRECT/HI), 3(LO/DIRECT/HI), 4(LO/DIRECT/HI), then 5 HI--unnecessary, if unloaded 2:2(DIRECT/HI), 3(DIRECT/HI), 4(DIRECT/HI), then 5 HI--also unnec
  10. Correction: When I get to 4th HI-SPLIT (which I guess you're calling double-OD) then I go directly to 5th HI-SPLIT. So Direct must be OD, and HI-SPLIT must be double-OD? Thanks again.
  11. Yes, that's exactly my understanding of how it should go. That is, when I get to 4th Direct (which I think you're calling double-OD) I then shift up by going immediately to 5th Direct. Don't completely understand the nomenclature on the tranny. I take it that a) the first OD is what is term HI-Split; b) the 2nd OD would then be what is called Direct. Is this correct? I should have 5x4=20 speeds. How do I end up with 14? I see that I lose 3 in 5th main by not being able to run 5th in LO-LO, LO-SPLIT or HI-SPLIT, so I'm down to 17. I must lose another 3 speeds somewhere. Could
  12. Rob: Further details: 1. Tire size 1100-24 2. Pic of shifting legend. It reads "14-speed quadraplex transmission with main direct in 4th speed" 3. Found what must be the Q, so it reads TRQ 7220 4. Pic of transmission: Thanks for your help. I grew up in Detroit, and watched with fascination the building of the Interstate system. Particularly intrigued by the "Michigans" which were hauling rock and gravel. Mostly Autocars then. My Dad worked at Detroit Diesel, and so did I for awhile. He was a salesman for Detroit Diesel, and they were experimenting
  13. It's raining out here, as usual. Can't mow, and nothing else to do, so tomorrow I'll go out and 1. check tire size 2. take a pic of shifting legend, which I believe I transplanted from old cab before repaint. (Got rid of that putrid green color they put in the interior of these trucks originally.) 3. look again for the elusive 'Q'. It's dark as the inside of a cow under there. 4. take a pic of the whole tranny i really appreciate the advice and help. I'm particularly interested in whether this tranny is original. Don't know a whole lot about this truck, other than the fa
  14. Rob: What I have I believe is called a "married box", which is to say that the main and auxiliary are bolted together as an integral unit w/o a driveshaft between them. Both the main and auxiliary have Mack labels, and are clearly meant to be a unit. Should I look again for the Q? It's very possible I missed it; these stampings were faint at the best. Thanks
  15. Many thanks for the suggestions, guys, otherwise I wouldn't have found the numbers. They are: TR 7220 3K610 11KBA3648 AP51
  16. Many thanks. Tranny is pretty clean, and does not appear to leak much. I'll scrub it up and find them.
  17. I'll try again tomorrow. Where should I expect to see these numbers? Thanks
  18. Sorry Right side 4KB 5122A LFC 4 24 66 Left side rear Part no 281KB531 Thanks
  19. Rob: Transmission, right side: 4KB 5122A
  20. Rob: What options would I have to change out the carriers? What should be on my shopping list? Would this website be a good way to look for them? Thanks Day
  21. Rob: Numbers off the rear diff housing are: IQFA5477 SWD 592 Thanks Day Below I'm loading up my '35 Diamond T 211 on my '80 Autocar rollback. A'nd the '21 Seagrave firetruck up there too. AC14
  22. That old deuce, pound for pound, is the hardest working truck I've got. You're right; you don't need that winch or gin poles every day, but when you do it does the job.
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