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2019 mp8 running warm

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2019 mp8 under load oil runs at 235-240,water runs around 215-220 and allison at 220-225.also pushes coolant out when this happens.fills half a gatorade bottle a day.dealer says this is normal and everything within spec😒.had to 2 dealer and neither is willing to fix it.ready to sell truck and change brands.sent leter to mack corprate and no response.very first dealer replaced expansion tank and radiator,all on my money.so 5 grand later still same issue

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What Joe says about leaving the level low, don't know if it has a plastic expansion tank that you can see how much is in it, on a cold engine leave it low as you can in the expansion tank and see what happens.    terry:MackLogo:

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235-240 is where the engine oil should be as per the oil thermostat.  215-220 is past fan on temps.   Is the fan coming on?   This thing runs 220 on the water temp running down flat roads?    I have a feeling the pressurizing coolant and high temps are not related though high coolant temp will magnify a pressurizing problem.   

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