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22 hours ago, Mackpro said:

The air line goes to a small solinoid mounted on a bracket on the far LH side of the fire wall under the hood. These solinoids are very prone to failure. So much so that we quit ordering trucks with air fan clutchs. 

Its funny how things go! We have converted quite a few magic fans back to air for the same reason! That said the new E magic fans seem to be more reliable than they were!  The first Berr fan was a complete nightmare! Sourced from some sweat shop I suppose , Duno!  We replaced dozens of them some would come leaking right out of the box some had to be changed before the truck left the lot!😡

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Those Berr fans were supposed to be stored in a certain position  ( I think this applied to all viscous fan drives ) that no one seemed to pay attention to.  There was a way they had to be hot wired and ran at a certain RPM until they would spin free , then they would work. I remember that paper coming in the package with a new one.

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