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1956 mack b42sx with a en402 gas engine


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The clutch brake is not for shifting while moving. It's for stopping the tranny when "stopped" so you can select a starting gear.. ie: 1st. rev. etc... may I suggest double clutching....  My silly way is to count... one-onethousand-- two...on 'two' i grab the next gear... 

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9 hours ago, Maddog13407 said:

in all my years i have never seen a 77 series trans with a clutch brake. 67, yes and rare. double clutch it. its not a diesel and they dont shift anywhere near the same

You said a mouthful!  Double-clutching a gasser takes a little more practice than a diesel.  I suspect it has to do with the rate at which the revs rise and fall.  Passes by the sweet spot a little quicker.

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