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Swapn Cogs


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The Swish was shown how to manipulate the Quad box to get the best out of the beast long time ago 

we had 4 of 'B' model Macks plus other makes

wonder duz it really make a differnce how U get there 

providing no trucks were damaged


I thort there twaz no other way to shift them cogs but the way I have on the right of this pic

but am open to critasism






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Short answer Swishman, I dont think it really matters which way you swap them as it's gunna be different every time as you roll off hills or trafficlights change or what ever 


As long as the grinding is kept to a minimum 


Plenty of experts out there who know and done more than I'll ever dream of doing 



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That's the sequence we used (most of the time anyway) on the 20-speed (main direct in 5th).  On the 18-speed (main direct in 4th), skip Lo-Split 5th and Direct 5th (they duplicated other gears).  So, they were the same up through Hi-Split 4th.  Then you just shifted the main to 5th.  Long-legged mothers, those 18-speeds.

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