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https://www.equipmentworld.com/oshkosh-buys-pratt-miller/?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_content=12-24-2020&utm_campaign=Equipment World&ust_id=f46e7bf7a8bec9967f34ef31492bbca7d25da8aa&oly_enc_id=6678A3208256D0Z#


I didn't realize they still made the conventional HET float tractors. I really want one now....700 h.p. C18 Cat.


So many heavy haulers around here have bought the old army surplus ones.

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If you go to the Oskosh Defense website you will see the HET listed with all of the specs. C18 Cat HD Allison etc. Nice alternative to KW. Any pictures of the ones up in Canada? Probably would have to buy these used as I am guessing not many people could afford one new except for the deep pocket US Military.

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I do James, but I'm not home and I'll have to find them. Equipment Express is one of the heavy haulers that was using them on a wind turbine project I worked on. They were using them to pull the loads up the 16% grades in the mountains we were in. The truck and trailers had all the wheels chained in the winter.

Yes they were bought used and repurposed. The ones that were on that job were Cat powered. But I have seen some with V12 Detroits at the Ritchie Bros auction in Bolton (Toronto.) And they went for not overly bad prices.

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