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1999 E7 427 Good Engine?


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The engine you have ,,, if it's a '99... Is An E-Tech... I remember the old timers I worked with 20 years ago, telling me that they were junk, the E-7 was the last of the "million mile engines" that Mack made..... Yes The E-7 is Great.... But after many years I have come to respect the E-Tech.... Yes, It had cam issues, caused by bad roller lifters... and some issues with the wimpy engine brakes....Mack tried to improve that with the "top oil feed" update.. it helped along with the improved oil pump..  I have drivin these trucks for years and ..."yes' built a couple dozen of them too... I wouldn't be afraid of owning one.   After 2002, They went a little crazy with cermic lifters and spring loaded pushrods...Blah, Blah, Blah.... In my opinion.... You have the best one..  Too bad they didnt have the power leash engine brake on youre engine,,, That to me is what it needs...:) Jojo... Go Bulldog!!!

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