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Insurance for "Collector Vehicles"

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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I'm trying to assist a long-time client value and insure his "baby.' He was there when it came off the line and was the first to start her up and hear her roar. The specific unit is a 1989 Mack R713 E9 500 VA Double Frame, 20K Front Axle, 58K Rear Axle with 142K Original Miles and a 15 Speed Transmission. He paid $20K for it when he found it and has put an additional $25K into it over the past 12 years. Based on my limited knowledge I'm guessing the value at somewhere between $60K - $100K but I'm really out of my wheelhouse here.  FYI, its also garage kept in NJ and never out in the weather.  Any help you can grant with establishing a realistic insurable value for this Collector is definitely appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your advice!



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Contact Gary Mahan in Basking Ridge NJ or Matt Pfahl in Conn 203-266-6455

Both men are large Mack collectors and restorers and probably give you a good estimate. And may be on the insurance underwriters list of approved appraisers

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Well if you look at what Skip McKean's went for, and it did not have the heavy specs this has, that should put this well over 125?

Assumes double frame has no "puff"??

Again,  the pix shows a faded truck but assuming it has a decent new paint job this is a home run IMO.  If I wanted a new heavy hauler, what would I pay-close to 200?  And I would have a new POS!

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I appreciate the heads up and yes I expect I was trying to say is the cliant Will be surprised he’s probably thinking it’s going to be a fortune.... from what I hear they kind of go under a motorhome category.. this guy is probably looking for collision full coverage.... bob

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