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Air conditioner in Superliner

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Getting the A/C going in my Superliner. The truck has the later A/C unit inside in it, but the compressor was gone when I bought it. Where do the wires from the compressor connect to. There appears to be nothing on the motor side of the firewall for the A/C.

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Start by finding the low pressure switch. See if anything is plugged in there. It has to pass through the low pressure switch to power up the A/C clutch. Then it goes through the clutch windings and leaves the clutch and grounds, as to where that varies. There may be a diode in the positive side.  It may help you see where they cut or hid the wiring. It will be a two wire switch. 

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Its all set. What i was looking for was what terminal on the cab junction box on the firewall you wire the binary switch to. In case anyone else is ever looking its the #4 terminal on the one closest to the driver door. What threw me was the A/C thermostat was also bad so when i was testing them I wasn't gettin power to it.


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