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installing new steering box.

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Good day everyone. I'm installing my new steering box in my R model tomorrow. It's a 1971 R795. It's a Ross integral power steering box. My question concerns the steering stops. The stops appear to be turned all the way in. Do the stops need to be adjusted at all before I do the poppet valve adjustment or just leave them be?? Before I had the box rebuild I had plenty of clearance between the frame and other components nothing rubbed or was even close to the tires. My TS442 manual states 1/8 gap between the stops before the power assist cuts out. The installation instructions state this also. Do I get that 1/8 inch from the poppet adjustment or do I first adjust the stops themselves then the poppet adjusters? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and have a great day.  Tom VB. 

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I would get the box installed, bleed and operational.  With a helper doing the steering, observe the relationship between the stops as you go lock to lock.  If the range of powered motion really falls short or too much then adjust the valves.  If it is pretty good do a fine adjustment with the stops.  Have the axle jacked up but the tires not totally unloaded to give a little feeling in the system.

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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