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B61 Dual Oil Filters and Dual fuel filters


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I am sure my green horn is going to be showing here but I own it.  I just got my B613T - title saw 1961 but I am guessing it is a late 50's manufacturer date.  It is a 6 cylinder turbo diesel.  

Question 1 - She has two oil filter housings?  One of the cartridges had a Wix number on it (51235) but the other did not have a number on it and the guys at NAPA are having difficulty finding a part for me.  The taller housing has a large line going in on the side and another large line coming out of the bottom center.  The smaller housing has two small lines, both in the bottom center.  Can someone break down this system for me and any clues on a part number for the taller filter?


Question 2 - The fuel filters are easy replacements but what is the history here?  Just looking to understand the system.




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Wow, someone wanted that thing filtered to the max! 

I know the lower oil filter is a Luberfiner, my guess is the lower gas filter is too by the looks of it.   I know that stock oil filter is not a full flow filter, but don't know what they called it(bypass?)?  My 673 had the full flow and it has three lines on it, not just two.



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5 hours ago, mrgumby said:

There might be a number some where on the housing did you try cleaning it up. Usually there a makers name and numbers stamped on it 

The filter with the hole in the center had a pressed stamp "WIX 51235".  They still make that one so it is on order and should be here in a few days.  The other one, the tall on, had a painted stamp on the top, I could not make it out but the guys at NAPA Auto Parts figured it out.  Apparently it is a good number but is no longer in production.  They found me one that "looks like it would work" but is is over $100 and weeks away.  I am looking for an alternative to the taller filter at this point.    

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1 hour ago, topo said:

I have the oil filter like yours and it takes two Baldwin P194 filters  . The Baldwin P194 HD and Fram CH336PL are hydraulic filters I have used them in the past.

The smaller one with the hole down the center was press stamped "WIX 51235" so I have that one on order.  Are you saying you use the same filter in both housings?

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No the housing with the large hose on the side takes two of the P194 filters. The last filters  I bought where from Rock auto just enter the filter number and see if something comes up Ebay works too . 

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