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Need more power


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Hi, I have a Mack DM600 (6 X 6) which I converted into a dump truck with a 20 foot box which is awsome in the woods, but it needs more power. I think I have a 239hp engine with a 7 speed Maxitorque transmission. Is there anyway I can boost that engine to get more hp out of it ? I dont know if its true but I read somewhere is could go up to 355hp.

Thanks for your expertise :)


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You can plug of your Aneroid valve and turn the governor up on the back of the pump which may give you a bit more snap but your very limited to any large power gain without spending a pile of money on your injector pump. You probably have a 237 HP engine. Its a good set up and it's built with low HP to not self destruct in its previous life as a concrete truck I assume. Where are you located? It looks very Canadian

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