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Anthem's and a big Volvo


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The contractor I am hauling for was always all Cat, but they bought a Mack/Deere/Volvo equipment dealer. So the first new Volvo loader just showed up today. Check out the humpback on that thing! I guess you don't need to see anything but the camera.


And I don't know if they are that good, or if it's the sales incentives, but Mack Anthem's have taken over the highway up here. They are the majority truck I see all day now. All the big fleets that were running Volvo's have now bought Anthem's.

And I see them pulling heavy 5 axle tankers, live bottom trailers, wood chip trailers, etc.


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who knows these days.....the kenworth i drive is not half the truck they were when they still offered the T800......i hate it rides like shit,,seats uncomfortable...radio sound like shit...exc exc.....i hate it,,,,,oh ya i already said that...lol.bob

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