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My spaghetti arms are getting to the point where I can hardly turn the old beast around.  Has anyone come up with a way to improve the steering on the AC Mack; power steering, lengthening the steering lever, shortening the steering gear lever?  Does the weight of the front of the truck bear on the brass button on the end of the steering pin or the machined surface of the front axle?

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I don't think he understands the question.  I jacked up the axle and checked the thrust buttons on the bottom of the steering pins and they were .10 as described in the service books; didn't help at all.  Pretty hard to hook up power steering since no place to mount pump on engine.  I thought about machining the bottom of the axle pinions and installing a thrust bearing but that would take the weight off the buttons and place it on the axle.  I just can't imagine a new truck would be that hard to steer.  My '29 Ac has pneumatic tires and very low mileage.  I know solids would be much easier to turn.

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The above drawing is to get grease on the load side of the kingpin

normally when U grease the front end with the wheels on the ground

the grease finds its way out the easiest way .... on the unloaded side of K/Pin and grease does not get to the load side of K/P (az much)

Years ago we had KW that did not have power steering and  do as above the drivers sed it felt like power steering (for a few days)


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Swishy, That's the way l did my first MB and R with my son. l had the grease gun and he turned the wheel. Even thou he was only big enough to barely see out the door window.    .....Hippy

On 4/27/2020 at 5:49 AM, Swishy said:



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