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Mack 237 Engine

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A member of my family just purchased a 1978 rd600. He was told it had a 237 engine ,5+2 trans, and 58 rearends. this truck has tip turbine aftercooler and I thought only the maxidyne 300 series had tip turbines. I asked if it was a 675 or 676 and he didn't know. So if any one knows if a 237 came with atip turbine I'd really like to know?

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To the best of my knowledge, there were no 237's with tip turbines...300's and 300 plus's had them, but not the 237.

BTW, welcome to the site! Glad to have ya aboard!

Barry - Watt's Truck Center Parts Manager and BMT Webmaster...1-888-304-MACK

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I have a 1978 285 HP tip turbine. with a 2 stick 6 speed.

engine code

ETAY676 Maxidyne


1080 ftlb @1020RPM

the ETAY673 and ETAZ673 I belive were econodynes and rated to 315HP 1080ftlbs. They were recomended to use with gearboxes with 9 + speeds

I think the 237 was a ENDT675 with 900 ftlbs.

look on the pass side of the engine for a tag with engine code info

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I purchased a wrecked '78 RD model for the engine to install in my '64 B61 that had a bad engine. It sounds like I have the same engine you are talking about. It has the tip turbine fan with side mount aftercooler. Here are the numbers off the front cover of my motor: ETAZ673A. I am in the process of installing it in my B model right now....

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The 237 motor does not have a tip fan. Also the pump should be different. the difference in the pumps are easy to tell, the 237 pump has a sloped top on the govoner(where the 6 bolts hold the cap on to keep people out of the fuel adjustment). the 300 motors have a flat top on the govoner. thats how u tell whether its a 237 or a 300.


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