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  1. Ok, I will try this week as I rent yard space from him on his farm. Cheers, RFC
  2. A good friend of mine has a 1979 Superliner glider. Chassis is 79, cab is 82 but registered as 79. It is a Western with a 2 valve 300 plus, 6 speed air shift TRXL107A?, 38 rears on camelback with extra set of rears and a pto with wetline. Cab is in bad shape with rot but the truck runs good. It is located in Orange County NY. Is this worth anything to anybody? He just doesn't want to scrap it. It also has steel budds on front and 5 spokes on rear, 10r20's. I can get photos if anybody is interested. Cheers, Rob
  3. My cam in my R model is bad and got a price from my Mack dealer for just the cam and lifters for the 2 valve 676 and it was $3300.00. When you figure in the labor and all of the little parts it is cheaper to find another motor.
  4. You can do that with the knob. When I worked for H an H years ago a guy ordered an RD with a 13 in it and changed his mind as they were prepping the truck. The mechanic was showing me on the old knob (they were putting the right knob on) but I also thought the right way was to change something on the trans as well. Anybody with Mack know about that? Cheers, Rob
  5. Yea Rob it's kind of like a Rat Fink shifter. We would of had the truck back today but Chelsea shipped directed thew wrong PTO for it so hopefully Monday night. Thanks Phil for trying to help out I appreciate it. Tnaks. Rob
  6. Yea we all have our horror stories. Was up at the shop today and the stick is in. He didn't have to cut it I guess you can adjust it. It's tall even longer than the 11 speed stick. I like it. Will be interesting.
  7. Thank you Phil I posted that and started having trouble with my internet. My boss wound up getting a new stick for a Granite and they will trim the floor a smidge as the tower is a hair bigger and then cut and reshape the stick. Basically it will be a one of a kind. I'll know over the weekend how it shifts. It's got to work on Monday and my route has a lot of hills in Rockland County NY. Be interesting to see how this truck will run with the 460 and this trans. Cheers, Rob
  8. Help! 2002 rd688sx triaxle has a T2110B TRANS in it now back end shot again. Boss is putting in a T318 have every part but the gear lever. H and H Mack says on backorder who knows when. The problem is with the vendor who makes them. The truck is in the shop now apart anybody have any connections for one?. Supposedly none in the country and you can't talk to anybody in corporate any more only email. Tried our connections in NJ and NY no luck. Any help would be appreciated would like to go back to work soon. Cheers, Rob
  9. You have a short. We have the same problem with our 460. Good luck finding it:)
  10. Hey Jeff, I run a rd688s out of NJ with a Watson Chalin with 425's on it and we had the same problem. It didn't have the valves on the air bags so my boss got the valves from Sanchez. Took us a while to figure out how to plumb them. By trial and error it works good now. Maybe the lines going into the valves are backwards? It wasn't hard to screw it up as there was no instructions and it depended on how the axle is set up. Cheers, Rob
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