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  1. Thanks everyone for the input.. Took it back to Mack in Erie and they replaced the oil pressure sensor again, as the new one was full of oil.They also checked things out and replaced the pyro sensor also.It was sending a high exhaust temp code and making it derate sometimes.The R flickering turned out to be the ground for the dump box had broken and I did not realize the lights were flickering cause it was daylight out.All is good now, and it is running like a champ.
  2. I have an 06 Granite that will shut down, the oil pressure drops to zero,shut down light comes on ,it quits. a second or two later oil pressure comes back, it starts running again and down the road we go.Oil pressure sensor has been replaced when problem first started.Now the R in the dash is flickering also when not in reverse.Anybody dealt with this or knows what is up with it? Thank You
  3. This truck is in PA. now !! My boss bought it last month from somebody in Nebraska..
  4. Well good luck with it.I got mine back from the Mack garage awhile ago and it still does it occasionally.I cant figure out a common denominator It is just a random thing that is driveing me crazy.
  5. Check all the air lines going to the puff limiter to see if they are plugged internally at a conection.I used to grind down the outside diameter ot a roofing nail head till it would fit inside the connection and was undetectable from outside looking at the lines.
  6. The truck has been at the Mack garage now almost 2 weeks.Last I heard they were going to install a new wireing harnrss and if that doesn't fix it They are going to get somebody from Allentown up to Erie to look at it.
  7. OK Thanks.I will check out that stuff and see if that cures it.
  8. When I'm pulling up through the gears all of a sudden it is like you shut off the key just for a second and then back on.Does it so fast you cant even get your foot off the fuel so it jerks like crazy when it does it.Put new air and fuel filters on and still does it.No codes and no faults.What do I need to check next????
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