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Mack superliner

Austin Gurley

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I have recently purchased a 89 Mack super liner with a e6 350 and Mack 9 speed, I use the truck to move equipment from job to job dozers excavators etc... truck really lacks power my old r with 300 and a 5 speed with pull about as much, suggestions on power increase?? I have also thought of an v8 Mack swap how hard would this be?

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If you are working in the lower end of the range as it sounds like you are moving equipment short distance as in jobsite to jobsite, a 300 "Maxidyne" will easily outperform an "Econodyne" 350, (IMO) if both are in good tune. The "Maxidyne" settings are more optimized for that where the "Econodyne" is more of a road use setup.

Lot's of room to work with that 350 however, till you get to the point where it will destroy itself by physical limitations. 

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