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1952 C45DT Rear Drive Axle


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I am looking at purchasing a 1952 C45DT municiple bus coach conversion. It has a 673 diesel. Not sure if it is a open chamber Thermodyne or early style French design as it is a 1952 and I haven't seen it in person. I do know it has the Spicer 184 2 speed trans. From what I have been able to find, it has a 5.74 rear gear. I would like to try and find a 3.50 or 3.87 gearset for it, but I don't even begin to know what axle is even in it, so searching parts is kind of futile. Just looking for some insight... Any help is appreciated. 


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Are you sure 3.50’s wouldn’t be way too tall for a small diesel with a 2 speed trans?  I am not a mechanic but that sounds like a real big jump t me. I’m curious what you find out. Keep us posted on your progress. Very cool bus. 

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