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For Whiskymack - Williams Transport Euston NSW Australia

Here are some early 1960's Williams Trucks, R190 and early DCO both with the 6cyl petrol motors. No west coast mirrors, only a lift up mirror about 5 X 4 inches and the lift up steel arm for turning signal in addition to indicators. Pictures at Williams Euston depot

Note the year round Aussie standard regulation (Worksafe kittens garlore - ha ha ha!!!) uniform being blue singlet, dark very short pants (like football players) with small back pocket for simple wallet (no credit cards) and unusual for shoes, normally thongs as we call them here (flip flops in USA), which was custom outfit for drivers well into 1990's and longer.

Whiskymack, the driver in the picture is Max Williams, Wally's older brother. Max died about 2 years ago.


Williams - Inters no1.PDF Williams - Inters no2.PDF Williams - Inters no4.PDF Williams - Inters no5.PDF

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the Inter L&R 190's and other Inter trucks and lesser B model Mack's were the backbone of the road transport business in Aust from mid 1950's to mid 1960's, partly because International had a semi assembly/manufacturing operation in Aust, with all of Inter's USA parts to build trucks etc coming to Aust on paper via Inter Canada, which was a British Commonwealth country so imports "via Canada" were easier and escaped the high import duties.  The Inter Loadstar's with petrol 6 and 8 cyl were very popular in premixed concrete plants for many years, all with joey boxes, mainly 5 X 3 and tandem drive. 

Mobil oil company mainly had R190 and R200 with pusher axles and the petrol motors, some later R models had Cummins and 10 spd road ranger boxes.  We owned this 1965 R200 for a few years, it was most likely a full import from USA with full air brakes and page and page pusher, Cummins 180 turbo, RR 10 spd overdrive and 2 spd diff and an ex Mobil unit. It ran real good, we are sorry we sold it. Good originals factory built like this truck are hard to find in Aust.






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