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Diesel drags


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I took the B over to DW42 last Friday for a "Smoke and Speed" event.   It was pretty brutal cold, low 40's and windy, but I thought what the hell.  It was a three day event, but I only went on Friday for the drag racing portion.  I took 1/2 day vacation and drove over from work.

They had it live streaming on MotormaniaTV on youtube.  If you go to about 1:46:00 mark the first round of TT for big trucks.  Then right after we go again.

If you then go to about 5:27:00 mark there is a short interview with me(ya, don't ask me why but while in tech line a fellow was walking along and stopped to talk).   This fellow is from MotormaniaTV I guess.  There is a couple interviews thrown in the mix throughout the live stream.



Unfortunately, due to the program being really screwed up, I left long before they had their eliminations.  I got there at noon, it was suppose to start at 1pm.   It got bumped to 2pm "due to temperature".  Ya, it was only just in the low 40's and windy.  So we got two TT about 3pm.  At 6:30 we were still just sitting around.  A driver came to talk to me, it turned out he was a main sponsor of the big rig part, he was pissed from the lack of action and the messing around they did with us.  I agreed.  He told me they were going to finish all the pickup racing, wait til dark and then let us run.  WTF?  It was going to be in the 30's!!!  I said F it and left.  I hope they spend my $50 wisely.  It will be the last money they get from me.  It was suppose to be $1000 payout!!!  I questioned the sponsor about it and he said he had no clue what they were going to do.  


They had a diesel drags at Quakercity dragway in 2004 and I did pretty good, as I still have the time slips in the glovebox.  I hoped to have some fun, but it faded quickly.



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