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adjusting fuel pump properly

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hello fellas!  Still working on my Dad's 1980 U model.  I have everything wired and aired up since the last issue, thanks to every ones's advise and information. This is my current issue, some "one" has messed with the fuel pump,  "turned it up". I'm certain this was an unnecessary adjustment as the truck runs worse and throws/blows black soot like she's on fire.  What is the proper procedure for adjusting the fuel injection pump?  I want to turn it down.  The engine is a 237, all stock.

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Probably just the "puff limiter" got disconnected at some point.  The puff limiter uses turbo pressure to control fuel rack travel in order to minimize smoke. It's not uncommon for people to disconnect the puff limiter in order to get the turbo spooled up faster. End result: your truck goes down the road like the RMS Queen Mary.

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