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First thing, Thanks for accepting me into the forum. I have been in the oilfield drilling Industry for 25+  years now and work is slowing down once again. Getting tired of the feast or famine that the oilfield delivers and tired of being away from my family for weeks/months at a time. I have a good chance on getting on with a local big construction contractor (Highway, building, etc). They are in need of Tandem dump truck owner operators. What should I be looking as far as chassis, suspension, gearing, horsepower and so forth.  Only info I can get is from the salesman at the dealership.  Thankfully I am approved thru the bank to get what I want. I am looking at a 2015 Mack Pinnacle CHU613 with MP8 with 445HP engine and Auto Trans.  13,200 lb front axle, 40,000 lb rears and 3.56 gearing. Truck has 366,000 miles.  Will this be the right combination? Not sure if this is the right truck and I don't know if the salesman is just in it for the sale and not looking out for my best interest. I live in east Texas, mostly flat ground and rolling hills. I appreciate any input I can get anyone.  Thanks!

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Thanks for the replies. After hatcitys comment I started looking at the granites now and agree with you Maxidyne,  the granite seems to fit the bill. I am now searching for the right Granite. I really want to thank each one of you for your help. Keep the comment's coming. Thanks again!

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