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mack dm800 value?



Hi. I am selling my late husband's 1968 Mack DM800. Until 7/15 it was running and being used. I have a 1985 Witco challenger 40t trailer with it. However, it no longer starts.

My husband had totally redone the back end of it to fit the trailer. All rails were replaced. Does anybody have an opinion on what I should ask for both? The good looking photo is from 2008, just after redoing it. The second is current. It has a Cat engine, and 13 speed. Thank you.

I am in western Massachusetts. I was hoping to get $15,000.00 for it, but don't know if that is way overpriced since it won't start. We used it to haul our skidders and excavator. I also have a 1979 Timberjack 230 for sale. It was cool going down the road with them, like being in a parade. A lot of people would wave and stare. My husband also redid the skidder from the frame up, as it had been it a fire from previous owner. Thanks for the interest!

A guy came and made an offer. After about 2 hours, a mouse nest, and a yellow jacket nest, they had it running. Beacon and air horn still work!



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It looks neat enough even though it may have faded a bit


If the chassis and cab are fairly rust free I would think it should be worth a few bob

However Im in Australia so I  couldn't really even guess a value in the US as the market is a lot different than out here 


Good luck 



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Nice Truck. I personally wouldn't be able to  value it for you: however, When you are able to put a price on it  please post it back on here . i'am sure that there will be interest on this site.

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