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1972 CF-600 Tachometer Cable * ENDT 675 Engine.


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I have a 1972 retired CF-600 Firetruck that's been converted into a ramp truck to haul around vehicles. I bought the truck last August and there isn't a tachometer cable on the truck attached to the meter or engine. Yesterday evening I ordered a cable from the local dealer and asked the parts counter where the cable attaches to the engine and they directed me to the night service manager. The problem is my truck is older then both the parts associate and service manage by about 20 years. My truck is probably older then their ages combined. They where unfamiliar with a CF-600 Cab and perhaps unaware Mack even made Firetrucks. I tried to explain my Cad is sort of like a Mack F700 Cab Over but different with the Cab moved Forward. CF - Cab Forward, never mind. Nothing against the dealer and their parts and service departments they went out of their way to try and help but they can only offer what they know. Perhaps I might have educated someone but I doubt if it even matters. I guess they are busy enough trying to keep the new stuff on the road at $136.00 an hour labor.

I'm assuming the attachment point is the same on perhaps all ENDT 675 engines irregardless the Cab. Any assistance where the cable attaches to the engine would be welcomed advise.

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My 237 came from a C cab.  The tach attaches the same place as my old 673 NA motor.  Look in front/below of the injection pump, right behind the front of the engine.  Should have a place to attach cable on the accy drive for the air compressor.


Found a good picture showing the blue tach cable:  This is my old 673 motor, but it is the same set up.




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Same spot on my R except mine has a 90 degree adapter.


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