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Detroit Diesel


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So there has been some DD talk and some MP10 talk here so thought I'd post this to hear what you all think. We all know Volvo pulled the plug on the 16 litre engines here.


So yesterday I was at my dealer and salesman asked me if I was still impressed with my new DD13 505/1850. So again I told him it is way better than my previous DD15 505/1650.


I said "I don't know why Detroit still makes the DD15, because they have derated it a few years back to max out at 1650 torque (it is now back up to 1750), but the DD13 is now way stronger and engine braking is just as good."

I also told him I would have no issue in running this DD13 in a highway truck.


So long story short, he said the DD15 is still the jewel at Detroit Diesel. They lowered the torque a few year back because they wanted you to buy the DD16. But he said sales volumes of the DD16 are very low and Detroit has been putting all their effort into the DD15 and DD13. He said he spoke to the Detroit rep and there was some mention that Detroit may also abandon the 16 L and bump the DD15 ratings back up to where they used to be.

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That would make sense. I’ve never been impressed with any of the 10 or so different trucks that I’ve driven with the DD15. The C12, DD 60 series pull way better as well as any of the other big bores. Don’t know what sense it makes to derate your big bore. I guess it makes about as much sense as Volvo gutting most of the Mack’s tough vocational prowess.

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                          It's pretty easy, mileage. the company I work for has 68 tractors, eleven old units with DDEC IV 550 hp 1850 torque 14L, four DD16 and the rest DD15 some rated at 535 hp and some at 505 hp.

                          The mileage on the DD16 is not so good. The DD15 is better but the Series 60 will stay pretty close to it on the mileage end at 5.2 pulling 100,000 on northwest grades. And the Series 60 14L

                          will out pull the the DD16 rated at 565 hp. At least the 550 hp 60's we have will. But the cost of running a DD15 can be a problem. Biggest problem is keeping the fuel rail where it enters the

                          cylinder head from leaking oil around the grommets. Variable speed water pump $950 and Detroit is always on back order because everything is going to new production. Cylinder heads can

                          have a problem with valve seats around 500K, three week wait period is normal for replacement head. Air compressor is real fun to change and the coolant feed hoses to the compressor

                          constantly are needing replaced-it's a push lock preformed plastic/nylon hose starts gushing around the o-ring. Plenty of issues. 


                         Some laugh at the old 12.7 L Series 60 but the last years from 1999 to 2003 with piston coolers added to the block {early 12.7's didn't have piston coolers} rated at 500, 1650 torque ran pretty good.

                         I know of three that were factory rated at 515 hp 1650 torque and all three ran 1.1 million on the original head gasket.On the early 12.7 L GK series without piston coolers factory max rating was

                         470 hp 1550 torque. And scads of those ran over a million on the original head gasket. I think the DD15 is getting better but it is a rather slow process.

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