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J Mack

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14 minutes ago, j hancock said:

Was the truck originally a tandem tractor?

j hancock,


I don’t have any paper work yet with VIN numbers so to be honest I don’t really know what I bought.

According to the seller it has a Mack duplex and a Brownie behind a freshly rebuilt Cummins 220, he said it is a 1952 Mack LH but I’m having a hard time finding much info on them so I can’t confirm these are original. I’m spending way too much time on this web site (BMT) trying to learn as much as I can before I start asking questions.

I appreciate the warm welcome.

J Mack   

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On 4/16/2019 at 8:25 PM, j hancock said:

On the VIN tag, does it say LHSW or LH2D?

Looks like it is a LHSW, Can you tell me what’s unique about the “H” models in the L series?  


I’ve read “The L-Series trucks usually had a sleeping compartment with a low roof. Basically, these trucks were delivered to the West Coast, where the quality of roads was awful, and the terrain was full of steep climbs and descents. Such trucks had a cabin trim made of aluminum sheet to reduce the total weight. The LF and LH models were light variants in the range” on TrucksPlanet.com.

Other than that I’m struggling to find much.


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I really don't know much about the LH model.  Built between 1940-1953, they did seem to be set up for highway hauling out west.  I haven't seen one with an integral sleeper or running on spoke wheels.  There may be a sleeper out there or spokes, just haven't seen it.  Power was a Mack EO 519, Mack 707 or Cummins.  Also seem to be tandems which is why I asked if the VIN was LHSW.  SW and 2D indicate tandem rear suspension.

Wish I had more info for you.  Have fun with your project!

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It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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