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mack 18 speed reman grinds


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You have a two year warranty USE IT! As much as these are a decent trans THEY ARE PRICEY TO WORK ON! My opinion is that of Dave wild ! The fuller is a better choice do to the out extreme  pricing by the Volvo people for parts! Your issue is not unique .It can be the lock out pin being ill set ,it and be a an over looked worn shift fork it can be a loose shift fork Bolt  ! That's  the short list! poor oil quality  bla bla bla ! point is It has a warranty USE IT !

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i do that also. sometimes i hit the splitter just before i move the shifter and have no problems with gears grabbing but i usually split passing through neutral. only gears that grind when splitting and shifting to the next gear are 3H-4L and 7H-8L. it doesn’t matter if i preselect or split going through neutral, it still grinds. i can smoothly split passing through neutral to the next gear or split just before i move the shifter with all of the other gears with no issuses.

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