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Looking For Brake Switch Location CXU613


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Hey everyone,

I have a 2012 CXU613 with an MP8 and M-Drive Transmission. 2 days ago I was docking and when I was pulling up and braking, the transmission felt like it wasn't disengaging. After I docked, I went to drop the trailer, but I couldn't get the transmission into gear. As I was pressing the brake pedal, the warning to depress the brakes before changing the selector switch kept coming up. I was able to go into Limp Mode and drop the trailer, but needed to get towed because it wouldn't go into regular Drive. I used the Tech Tool and a brake switch fault is coming up active. I haven't been able to find the service information on Mack's website and the Tech Tool isn't giving me any information on where the brake switch is either. Does anyone know where it is?

Any insight would be appreciated.


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I can't tell for CXU but I was being founding that switch on a CH. It was located on the engine side of the firewall. Somewhere in the middle behing the engine or closer to the driver side if the memory serves. A small untit mounted to the wall with two wires attached and an air hose to supply air from brakes. I could find it easily because my R-model has the same setup and mounted in the same area. It sure could be different on your truck since it's newer but at least a point to start looking.

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