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Unishift Trans Swap out


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I have a Unishift  transmission in my B61 that has a split aux case.  I have a Duplex to  install in the truck and was wondering if anyone has done this before.   Im curious if the mounts and bell housing flange are the same and if I can use the air assist clutch that comes with the unishift trans with the duplex.   I also have a doner parts truck  with a triplex in it .  Any comments ???

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Just guessing, but I would think you could put any transmission back in.  The Unishift was basically just an air shifted Duplex.

I've never seen an air clutch set up on a B, so can't comment on that.  



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depends on which Monoshift and duplex you have??? if you are takin a 67 series out and putting one in youll be fine with mounts. same with a 72 series. I think the floor was cut for a monoshift same as a duplex with the tear drop hole. if you install the triplex there is a lot more work.


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