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thud and turning while braking


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I get this complaint all the time at the shop.  Typically seized anchor pins are the culprit.  Anything that is putting resistance on the brake shoe from freely moving can cause this issue. In my experience rarely is the brake chamber at fault for this complaint.  

Back off the slack, remove the drum and remove the main spring.  Try to swing the shoes over center.  The shoes should swing smoothly with little resistance and the anchor pins should rotate in the bushings. 

Even though brake shoe kits come with new anchor pins/bushings seems like most shops just throw them in the scrap pile cause they don’t want to spend the time to replace them. 

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16 hours ago, Swishy said:

guessn the oposite wheel to the way it pulls the steerin

the 'S' cam has gorn over center

Loud thud from go n ovr center

pull n hard left from the brake released as the brake goes to nill adjustment on th@ wheel

ifn u get my drift



As swishy said, "self" adjuster gets so far out that S cam goes over center, effectively releasing that brake, giving you unsynchronized brakes. This is why i always liked manual adjusters, you gotta get out and set them, and the truck will stop straight every time. Added bonus is while youre in there you gotta look at things like brake linings, air hoses, springs, youll hear if a maxi is leaking, etc. Downside is if you hire incompetent people that won't check them then they'll rear end someone at some point.

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