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Down Under Huskiteer??

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I am attaching a page from one of the Aussie antique truck forums which shows a brochure of Mack using the Brockway Huskiteer 527 cab as a cab on a Mack LCF tractor. Neither Jim Hancock or I can tell if the pictured truck has the flat glass windshield?? 



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Well Brocky, I feel a little stupid.  Probably won't be the last time either...

I spent so much time analyzing the picture that I never read the specs to see flat windshield glass listed.  Duh!

Let's see what the blokes that live south of here have to say.

HCVC post #197861


Brockway 527.jpg


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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The Australian Mack MIR did use the Brockway Huskiteer cab. If you check your Double Clutch magazine, you will see mention of it in a recent article on Mack Cabovers Downunder, by Gary Richards. There will be a follow up story coming up soon on the MIR. This is the only known use of a Brockway cab on a Mack chassis.

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