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fuel tank question

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On 5/20/2018 at 7:44 AM, vansite89 said:

so if i were to change the mounts, coukd i install a cl/granite style tank?

yes if you have free rail space to locate the new tankmounts. the front frame rails start to spread near the cab cowl so make sure you take that into consideration . also some air tank brackets may be in the way?


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My R-model (frame rail shape is generally similar to a RD excepting the heigth and thickness) has all the tank brackets of the J-style including the front ones. But when you investigate them removed it could be found that the J's themself are almost simiar but the front brackets which attach the J's to the rails are made shorter (less offset to the outside of the truck) and slightly tapered to be fitted onto the rail's side which spreads at the front section of the chassis. So no use of a general style intermediate bracket from common rear tank mounts.

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