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E-Tech 300 upgrade


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Your engine is a CCRS engine which is good because to do any HP changes, you dont have to change the Cam gear key way like in the older ETECH engines. You have the EM7-300 engine with 1460 FT lb of torque.  The injectors are all the same regardless of HP till you get to the 460 HP. To get any gains in HP and torque you got to go the 427HP which is 1560 FT lb of torque. This requires a turbo change and download. I never suggest the 460 HP in a CCRS engine. There is some Boost pressure sensor wiring that must be added and the wastegate turbo required for the 460 is very problematic in our experience. Then you run into your trans which is really suited to the torque curve of the way your engine is set up now. 

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Quite honestly the alleged 460 of this period in time was borderline power wise  due to emission standards !

The 400 would be fine I believe you would be disappointed with a 460 upgrade if you could do it anyway! These engines would max out at 33 psi boost and were programmed to  derate At 34 psi !  absolutely stupid ! 

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Idk why i read alot of problems with 01 and up 460s. We had a 01 and 02 460 and they both ran great. The 01 turbo let go at about 500k but so did mine 2000. Other then that they both did great and other then my truck now with a 460XT file on it the 2001 and 2002 would run laps around my 2000 when it had a 427 file. The 01 and 02 where 8LL fullers with 393 or 392 gearing and 24.5 tires. 

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