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2000 rd688 e7 400hp turbo gone


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Ok guys I really need help today out of no where turbo took a turn for the worst..Mack wants 1900.00 anybody know a better price place to get 1 ..also it tried to run away but let off the couch and shut it down very fast still has oil in the pan.. anything I should look for..






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good catch on keeping it from running away... We had a Cat 6nz turbo fail and priced a new one from Pete and another from a local company to us called J&S dist https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1&biw=1306&bih=719&ei=NGisWtbpGsrVjwSykJ2QBQ&q=r+s+distributing+minooka+il&oq=R%26S+dist&gs_l=psy-ab.1.3.0l2j0i22i30k1l8.72986.75717.0.78906.



the one we got from J&S has been going strong for over a year now with no issues and it was 1/2 the price. might try looking for a local rebuild shop or ask around for where others have theres rebuilt at.


you will want to wash out the intercooler real good as oil will be pooled in the bottom of it. also pull the air filter and make sure none of the shapnel went that way. it sounds crazy but the wheel metal will go towards the filter some times as soon as the turbo destructs and boost pushes it backwards into the filter.

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Be sure to remove the after cooler and dump the oil out of it preferably steam it out! like Trent said and also spoken go Right back to the air cleaner and check for metal CHANGE the air cleaner. and take every joint apart those little nasty's can hide! and hopfully you don't have to chase the exhast wheel back to the muffler you may have to drill a hole at the lowest point to drain the oil from the exhaust!

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