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B61 Brake Questions


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Good evening all.  I got to this point on my truck and have a few questions to get things buttoned up.  The gold adjusters on the lower left hand side of the picture I tried to put back just like I had them when I removed the brakes to rebuild the axle.  Is there a procedure for adjusting these?  I could not find anything in the Highway Vehicle Service manual.  One other question is related to air fittings that I need some clarification on.  I bought DOT approved flexible air lines for the front and rear of the truck to replace the old and worn out ones.  I was wondering if there is also a DOT specification for the brass air line fittings?  I did some googling on it, but only found information on flexible plastic line brass connectors.  I know that the burst pressure on most brass fittings far exceeds  brake service, but want to make sure everything is proper as I put this thing back together.  Thanks in advance!


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gudday m8


think n 

U fit the brake drum /n hub with bearings n adjust az per normal

then adjust up the 'S' cam slak adjuster till it sounds like the linings R just tuch n the drum

then adjust the anchor pins till they grab the drum

back off a tuch .... do up the anchor pin lock nut... adjust 'S' cam slakee to u're desired tuch

The adjustable anchor pins R made to take up any gaps wen usein older worn drums etc




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I see a jack stand under there but please be careful using cement blocks as jack supports. They can fail without warning, I do see that you have it cores vertical and have something under the jack to spread out the weight but all it takes is a slight imbalance to cause the block to fracture. Please be carefull.

Wish I could help with the brake question but I do not know. If the rest of that truck winds up as clean as the brakes it will be a real nice rig.

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I have 1954 Military wrecker lowboy M269  with  s cam air brakes with adjustable  anchor pin  . To adjust the drum has a hole in it covered with a small cover (hope you have this on your drum )     with this cover removed turn the drum 1 1/2 inches from the end of the shoe lining and use a feeler gage 0.005 between  shoe and drum and tighten the locknut . Then turn the drum to the cam side 1 1/2 inches from the end of the brake lining and use a 0.010 feeler gage and adjust the slack adjuster .

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