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86' Superliner RW613 hard steering

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Hi, My dad and I are scratchin our heads over this issue. We put new seals in our power steering pump a week ago, since then its been getting harder and harder to steer. We jacked the truck up with the motor off and armstronged the steering, then we started it up to compare. It was easier to steer without the motor running. 

We have heard rumors of adjustments on the relief valve or poppet valve. We cannot find either on the truck. 

Any info would be appreciated to guide us to a fix. 

Thank You

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I have a tee that goes in the pressure line to the gear box and a 3000 psi gauge to check it with.This will tell you if the pump is dead or not.I would say the pump is dead but that is just a guess.

glenn akers

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most of the manufacturers have on-line manuals that have fault finding charts... 

have you established pump pressure, other than the seals what else did you disturb to do the work?

pinched line or blocked filter

needs basic diagnosis first before you go deep into surgery

BC Mack

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You didn't mention which of the two possible gears you had, nor your axle size. But this info should suffice.

TRW - HFB64 Service Manual


Sheppard - 92 Series Service Manual



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