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E9 head gasket failure after 2500 miles?

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Swap injectors around and see if #7 still does it with another injector and see if the old injector makes the same tick noise in another cylinder.  its likely a bad injector, probably scored.  A good pump shop can fix that pretty easy.

My Francis heads leaked when we first put them on we ran them so they got some heat on them, let it cool down and re torqued and they sealed.  I torqued mine to 240.

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On 7/15/2017 at 2:46 PM, wrenching4life said:

So I'm thinking because I cracked that injector and the tick stopped. There is obviously still compression, an if it was a fire ring problem wouldn't it still make the tick noise?

So does that mean it's an injector pump or injector failure/ problem? Just trying to figure out what is the next step in diagnosis 

Swap the injector  to the adjacent hole see if it moves to that hole! 

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Well I was finally able to get back on this problem and I can finally confirm the tick noise is the #8 injector. I moved the injector to #4 (opposite side of motor) and sure enough the noise traveled with it. So I pulled the injector and got ahold of Columbus Diesel and they said they would take a look at it, sent it to them they pop checked,tested, and cleaned it. They said nothing was wrong it functions normal, but they did say the spray pattern did seem a little odd. They didn't have another one of my injectors to compare to so they sent it back to me. Re installed and sure enough it still ticks and still misses and shakes the whole truck under very heavy load. All I know is if I watch my burn mirror every time it seems to fire odd a much darker puff of smoke comes out of the stack. I'm lost here other than buying another injector is there anything else to check? Any other thoughts?

Thanks all!

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