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Engine has a miss at idle


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I have a 65 Mack with a 673 turbo and at idle it has a distinct huff,huff,huff,huff sound I tried sending a video but the file is too big. It also smokes a whitest gray smoke. It doesn't seem to be at a loss for power so I'm wondering what anyone thinks. I'm thinking it could be a valve not seating itself right or possibly all the injectors need rebuilt. I have tried standyne injection cleaner and running it as hard as I can but it did not change anything.

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It doesn't have a dynatard. Im thinking it may only be the injectors. I'm fairly certain they have never been rebuilt.  A while ago I did take the valve covers off and did not see anything broke in the upper valve train. In fact the engine look pretty clean for 51 years old.. I'm hoping it does not have a piston broke. 

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So I did take my Mack to a reputable shop and the guy there said it could possibly be the timing of the pump or the pump is wore out. Anyone know where I could find a used one? He said it could cost over 1500 to fix it. Another thing he said it could be is a valve seat may of come un-done. Another costly repair. Might be selling. Will know more next week.

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