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How to remove steering wheel


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I have been meaning to straighten out the wheel in my CL so I figured I would give a quick how-to. Trucks without adjustable draglinks or twin steering boxes can end up with a crooked wheel when components are changed.  Here are the steps to adjusting the wheel back to center.

1.Drive straight to center the steering.

2.The rubber cap can just be pried off. Sometimes the inner cup will stay with it other times it will separate.

3. Unplug your horn connection wire.

4. Remove the inner cup by prying up. (if it didn't already come out with the rubber)

5. Remove the center nut.

6. Using a suitable puller pop the wheel off. (There are 2 threaded holes to grab the wheel) Usually come off with minimal force.

7. Align the wheel straight and re-assemble.





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Ok guys I have a issue..I tried to remove the wheel with no luck..so I moved it on the first joint at the box ..the 1 on the top of the adapter..moved it about half inch to the left and now I can only turn the wheel about 6 inches in either direction not even enough to turn the truck much..I plan to put it back where it was at but why is this ..I didn't move the gear on the steering box ..just pick the shaftup and turn it to the left about half inch..

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Shouldnt be but you gotta adjust the drag link or what ever you call it that goes between the steering box arm and the doo kicky off the king pin end 

So you need to shorten or lengthen that link to the steering wheel is back facing the right way 





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The one that you have to adjust is the one the clamps onto the box. Remove the 2 bolts that hold the bearing on so it gives you room to pull up on the shaft. Remove the cross bolt that goes through the bottom yoke. Spread the yoke apart if needed the pull up on the shaft. That section is not timed however from there up is timed and improper timing will make it bind. Remember you also have a u-joint under the dash as well. I've been down this road before.

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