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11.00-20 vrs 10.00-20

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I have an Eaton 2 speed rear set up for 10.00-20 tires but I'm wondering if 11.00-20 will fit.  The spacers are 4" and I have 1 and 5/8 clearance between the tires and the same between inner tire and spring clip.  Military surplus 11.00-20s are really cheap, and I'd like to use them if I can.  Anybody know if they'll fit?


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A 10.00 x 20 is 20 inch rim 10 inches of rubber in height & width

11.00 x 20 would/could/should be 20 inch rim 11 inches rubber in height & width

unless U R fully loading the beast for long runs it may cut the side clearance each side of tyre by 1/2 inch





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