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One Minute about cab safety - Volvo FH


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Around 1983 when I was driving for a Ryder systems customer one of their MH Mack tractors leased to Coleman campers hit a KW Cabover head on in a one lane restriction in a Pa Tpke tunnel ! They were doing 35 mph! The KW driver was killed instantly, the Coleman driver was seriously injured but lived! Mack was so impressed that the driver survived such a terrible collision that they sent some engineers to the Pittsburgh Ryder terminal to view the wreckage! The KW was aluminum and the Mack was reinforced fibreglass. Of course safety technology has improved exponentially since 1983 with crumple zones,high strength steels etc. Volvo cars have always been among the safest autos you could buy I'm not surprised that their trucks are safe also!

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One of our customers ran an MH off a mountainside. The cab detached, but the built-in integral safety cage* ensured that the driver lived.

The Mack MH Ultra-Liner was the best COE ever designed in America.

* A structural cage of galvanized steel, aluminum and high-strength fiberglass engineered for unsurpassed cab integrity.

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